Ayurvedic massage

What is the ayurvedic modeling?
Ayurvedic massage is a full body massage with warm oils. It is characterized by a series of circular movements, taps, swipes and pressures at various points, providing a moment of relaxation and well-being by promoting overall rejuvenation and relieving pain in the muscles and joints.

Its Origin
Ayurvedic massage is a technique originally from India, discovered 5000 years ago by the Rishis, saints of ancient India, which is based on the basic principles of traditional Indian medicine. Ayurvedic comes from Ayurveda of Sanskrit which means "science of longevity". This method integrates both the body and mind by stating that everything is energy.

Its benefits
This modeling will help prevent and manage the stress of everyday life and lack of concentration. It stimulates the elimination of toxins, helps to fight against fatigue, insomnia, depression and facilitates blood circulation. According to the principles of Ayurveda, it helps to harmonize the three elements that are to be: VAT: air (nervous and hormonal) PITT: fire (digestive system and enzymes) and kAPH: water (fluids).
Ayurvedic modeling is a technique for relaxation and not a therapeutic massage.

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