Invigorating massage

The Sports Massage
Very energetic and stimulating different muscles, the work being done by the muscle area. It increases muscle blood flow , improves elimination of toxins.
Sports: With essential oils of lemon, wintergreen.

The preparatory massage
it is just done _ before exercise. This is a quick and massage. Muscular heating techniques are favored here, such as fast friction , sloshing. Purpose is to stimulate the muscles and increase blood supply for optimal and immediate performance _ . Heating creams are commonly used for their hyperhemiant role , which further improves the blood supply necessary for good muscle activity.

Recovery massage
It is done after exercise and after a relative break, corresponding to return to calm the body. Muscle relaxation becomes the priority, all techniques can be used, but do not forget that if you are athletic and you hate tickling (you feel ineffective!), Toxins stored in the muscles need to be drained, stretched muscles, contractures released. So it is a long, slow and powerful massage will be the most suitable.

« The wellness massage » has no therapeutic purpose and because of its nature, it is not connected to any manipulation, medical practice within physiotherapy.

Invigorating massage with essential oils
Need to get in shape? A good massage with appropriate essential oils will help you regain your energy.

The draining massage to treat fatigue in depth
Fatigue is rooted in many aspects of our existence: daily rhythm sustained, very rich diet, stress, pollution, noise, ... All these factors weaken our nervous resistance. Taking painkillers is only a temporary solution, sometimes with undesirable side effects. Opt for more sustainable solutions as a review of your priorities. Rearrange your activities as much as possible, and above all, take care of yourself. Indulge in offering a draining massage, designed to loosen your muscles and tension while strengthening your immune system. We often forget that when we are exhausted, it creates "nodes" in our bodies lymphatic system, blood circulation, digestion, .... To reduce this, the massage is draining our lymphatic system, which strengthens our immunity. Manually or using a device, draining massage will relieve you of many ailments in a few sessions. Well-being is immediate from the first intervention.

Essential oils to invigorate the body
Combine the useful with the pleasant is the purpose of massageespecially with the essential oils. Relax while enjoying the invigorating properties of plants will be the final result. Obtained by distillation of the plant (flowers or leaves or bark), essential oils are very powerful concentrate of active ingredients of the plant in question. This explains why an essential oil is never used pure. For massage, we put one or two drops of essential oil in a teaspoon of vegetable oil (almond or sesame oil). To tone the body, many essential oils are available: savory, for example, immuno-stimulant and tonic. Account for the presence of ketones in its active principles. Vetiver is recommended for its virtues stimulating circulation, and is effective as an anti-stress. Have recourse also to the essential oil of ginger, good for circulation, and note the geranium, essential to relax smooth.

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